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Brand Evolution

Project Overview

BLAK was commissioned to elevate the brand identity of the versatile and rapidly growing Six Foot empire, spurred by the soaring popularity of Six Foot's acclaimed games like Dreadnought and Grey Goo, which highlighted the necessity for a recruitment-focused website.

Before & After
six foot logo
SixFoot logo redesign by Blak Inc.
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Six Foot


Develop a brand identity capable of spanning across Six Foot's four dynamic divisions while showcasing the company's prominent position as an industry pioneer. In the digital realm, the task was to redesign the existing Six Foot website to attract prospective talent, inviting them to join in shaping the future of game development.


With fervor driving us, we eagerly embraced the challenge. With meticulous attention, we brought to life Six Foot's four distinct sub-divisions, each infused with its own unique artistic essence. From this creative wellspring emerged four bespoke sub-brand icons, crafted to capture attention both individually and as a seamless, harmonious blend of creative brilliance. Additionally, BLAK designed an immersive website that not only showcased the company's expertise but also radiated the infectious energy of Six Foot's company culture, intriguing potential talent from all corners of the gaming universe.

Applied Capabilities

  • Brand ID Design
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Presentation Deck
  • Website UI/UX Design