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Crafting Success

Project Overview

BLAK embarked on an exciting mission to craft both the e-commerce website and social media content for Microsoft's official Minecraft monthly subscription box, Adventure Chest, aiming to ignite anticipation for the highly anticipated Mine Chest.

Before & After
Mine Chest website created by Blak Inc.
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Mojang / Microsoft


Set forth on an epic quest to design a website that deeply resonates with the passionate Minecraft community, ensuring an immersive and consistent brand experience. Create social media content that sparks excitement and unites the Minecraft community as loyal monthly subscribers of Adventure Chest!


To heighten anticipation, we overhauled the website, introducing a monthly immersive video teasing the upcoming themed box, stirring community fervor, and driving a surge in new subscribers. Following the monumental launch of Mine Chest's subscription box and its social media buzz, a flood of user-generated YouTube videos poured in, showcasing ecstatic Minecraft enthusiasts unboxing and sharing their loot, fueling brand enthusiasm and driving sales. This surge culminated in remarkable social media growth: Facebook followers skyrocketed from 2,600 to 110,000, Instagram experienced a spectacular rise from 98 to 3,000 followers, and Twitter, now X, enjoyed a 170% increase. As a result, revenue surged from a mere few thousand dollars to half a million within the initial six months of our engagement.

Applied Capabilities

  • Market Research
  • Community Analysis
  • Website UI/UX Design
  • Animation
  • Social Media Content
  • Social Media Schedule