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Presentation Deck Design

Pitch Blak

Claim Your Iron Throne in Business Pitching

Investors are binge-watching pitches like it's the Game of Thrones finale, with businesses battling it out like Lannisters vs. Targaryens for their cash and attention. To win, you've got to be the breakout star in a sea of forgettable characters and think five steps ahead.

At BLAK, we’ve got the secret sauce for presentation decks that make your business the talk of the streaming town, leaving competitors scrambling for the remote. We spin stories so gripping that viewers hit "next episode" faster than you can say "spoiler alert,"  throw in visuals rivaling big-budget CGI, and craft communication strategies as sharp as a plot twist. From the opening credits to the cliffhanger ending, we ensure your ideas captivate, your message resonates, and your vision becomes the next binge-worthy sensation. Partner with BLAK and show investors why your business is the must-watch show of the season.

Pitch Perfect
Attention Span
Microsoft's research suggests that the average human attention span is now around 8 seconds. Effective visual design can capture and retain audience attention, ensuring that key messages are communicated effectively within this limited timeframe.
Dynamic Visuals
Research by Slidebean reveals that presentations with visually appealing slides are 43% more persuasive.
Perceived Credibility
A study by the University of Minnesota found that well-designed slides increase the perceived credibility of the presenter and the content being presented. Professional design instills confidence in the audience and enhances the credibility of the presenter.
Communication Strategies
A report by UC Berkeley, suggests that effective communication techniques can increase the likelihood of securing investment by up to 10 times.
Solid Strategy
A study by DocSend found that pitch decks with a clear strategy are 20% more likely to get funded.
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