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This Is My Voice

Project Overview

The Eleven rebrand initiative emerged from the harmonious blend of art and fashion, with a focus on spotlighting the evolution of tailored performance activewear across diverse domains: tennis, running, yoga, fitness, and dance.

Before & After
eleven by Venus Williams website
eleven by Venus Williams website concept designs by Blak Inc.
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Eleven by Venus Williams


Revitalize and redefine Eleven by Venus. Implement a comprehensive and compelling global brand strategy, seamlessly forging connections with consumers (B2C) while elevating rapport, credibility, and equity with trade partners (B2B).


This collaboration yielded two distinct and immersive print and digital campaign styles, set to roll out throughout the year.

Applied Capabilities

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Website UI/UX Design
  • Print Ad Campaign
  • Digital Ad Campaign
  • Pitch Deck