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Healthy Sizzle

Project Overview

BLAK received the exciting opportunity to whip up an engaging branded website for Santos, the premium avocado oil brand known for its quality and health benefits.

Before & After
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Create an e-commerce platform that not only positions Santos as a trusted name in the market but also spreads the word about the avocado-licious benefits of their products to a dedicated community of avocado lovers.


We aimed to create an inviting digital space where customers could explore the incredible benefits of avocado oil and immerse themselves in the brand's ethos. So, we rolled up our sleeves to design and develop a custom website that highlighted the health-enhancing properties of Santos Oils, championed environmental sustainability, and served up scrumptious recipes to foster a deeper connection between Santos and its customers.

Applied Capabilities

  • Website UI/UX Design
  • E-Commerce Development
  • CMS Build
  • Animation
  • SEO Optimization