Samuel Adams

Blak Invites You to Pull up a Chair and Partake of a Cool, Frothy Design of an American Classic That's Steeped in Tradition and Always Satisfies.

Blak invites you to pull up a chair and partake of a cool, frothy design of an American classic that’s steeped in tradition and always satisfies. In light of the latest hipster generation of brewers, Blak Inc. was commissioned to design a “Hipster Intervention” mobile app for Samuel Adams® Boston Lager and its legion of loyal fans.


Samuel Adams / mOcean


UI / UX Design

Game App

Social Media

The goal was to identify an interactive way to identify the hipster within or others around you. This concept also transformed well into a Facebook coaster campaign where friends and family could interact with each other.


The next round was to design a website concept called the Samuel Adams® School of Craft where fans could take online courses to learn about the history of beer making. Through this site, beer aficionados could learn to master their craft, and become a certified brewer. A section of this website was dedicated to beer festivals/events as well as a student forum where they could share tips and experiences. Let’s raise a glass to great design! Always remember: “Design responsibly.” –Blak .

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