Susan G. Komen

When It Comes to Breast Cancer, Getting Informed Is the First Step in the Right Direction.

Wanting to make a difference in the battle against breast cancer, Blak Inc. joined forces with Susan G. Komen Los Angeles and Xivic Inc. to help raise awareness about breast cancer through designing an informative iOS app. With an intuitive UI design, the user is able to navigate quickly though the mobile app to find local resources, join or share upcoming events, or read through a wide array of helpful literature in regards to the risk factors of breast cancer, the screening process, diagnosis, and treatment.


Susan G. Komen


UI / UX Design



The design of this iOS App was first planned with wireframes in order to lay out the best content flow. Additionally, Blak introduced a menu design that was unconventional, yet easy to navigate through. Each menu category houses a mini description of its related topics, which can be revealed simply by touching an icon. In order to present an informative yet easily accessible user experience, Blak created a simple yet stimulating visual experience by incorporating a series of sliding works of art.

UI / UX Design

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